Hacienda Manteles: A volcano at the end of the garden


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Hacienda Manteles

A volcano at the end of the garden

It is not just another countryside hotel. This is a family house that opened its doors to share with others its magical plot of land facing the spectacular Volcán Tungurahua, a place created and nurtured with great love for all to find relaxation… the most intimate relaxation around.

As a child, Maria Clara Durán enjoyed her summers here. She harvested apples and corn. She milked the cows and sheep and scampered about in the forest, today a source of great pride for Hacienda Manteles, for it is because of this forest that the tourism project was born and due to it that it received this year’s World Travel Award for Best Green Hotel in Ecuador. María Clara’s nostalgia, in any case, is deep and remains intact. It’s at the heart of what makes Manteles a first class retreat in the Ecuadorian highlands.

With its prodigious view of one of the most active volcanoes in the world and the glorious ever-green nature of the neighboring Llanganates cordillera, Hacienda Manteles is a place to truly “get-away” and leave our day-to-day humdrum far behind. It is a place that takes us in time to the delights of experiencing things for the first time and, in our current world that has done so much to disconnect us from nature, the strategy it uses to do so is simple. It requires, from its initial concept, a philosophy of conservation, a desire to protect traditions, values and the natural ecosystem for posterity, something that nobody else thought was important when María Clara’s parents –César Durán and Guadalupe Calisto, mentors of the project—decided to make it their life goal. Now, as time has gone by, Hacienda Manteles offers something that few places can offer.

 “Here you listen to the birds in the morning, you feel the embrace of pure, clean air, you reach a waterfall and you can drink from its natural springs,” Maria Clara explains with emotion: “here, you can reconnect with your inner peace. “

It is through the affection that this family has towards their terroir that Manteles retains its special spirit. Guadalupe still offers her homemade recipes, prepared with fresh ingredients from Manteles’ organic garden. What is not produced here, is obtained locally, from the neighboring communities. The activities, in themselves, also take us back in time when when the property was still a family country home. Milking the cows; harvesting and sowing the vegetable garden; riding on a tractor round the property to nearby villages; taking short hikes to the wonderful Payacucho Waterfall or trekking to the fabulous expanses of open páramo; horseback riding 15 minutes or three hours… activities that can be adapted to families with children, an excellent opportunity to offer the younger ones different and inspiring experiences.

There are 22 rooms in Hacienda Manteles. Each one has its own style, from more traditional décor in the central house with beautiful wooden floors to the modern suites with fabulous panoramic views of Tungurahua volcano and a Jacuzzi in the bathroom. A room for every taste.

This is complemented by cooking courses, massage services and bird-watching; Manteles, part of the Kuri Pishku eco-route, and has been recognized internationally as an IBA (Important Bird Area) by the International Birdlife Foundation.

In the shadow of its hundred-year-old eucalyptus tree, planted by María Clara’s grandmother before the house even existed and, as one dear guest once said, with “its volcano at the end of the garden”, Manteles is an oasis of nature surrounded by family warmth and much peace… both outside and in.


Km.18 vía Baños-Patate por la ruta ecológica.

+ (593 9) 8821 9095

+ (593 2) 254 9559

Martes a domingo 9 a.m. a 7 p.m.



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