Hacienda El Porvenir: The Flavor of the Páramo


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Hacienda El Porvenir: The Flavor of the Páramo

As we pass through the wooden door of Hacienda El Porvenir’s main house and get out of our car, the smell of homemade Ecuadorian food wafts over us. Almost unconsciously, the aroma takes us directly to its source: the kitchen.

It is an incomparable smell, linked to the impeccable presentation of each dish produced by the hands of Gloria, a Cotopaxi native who, with her olive green hat, defines the traditional fashion and warmth of this unique province. At the table, a succulent loin cooked on a volcanic stone from the Cotopaxi volcano itself seduces with its smoked flavor. The delicate Andean trout, on the other hand, is infused with a delicious red pepper sauce. The potato patties with caramelized onions and an egg sunny side up sitting on top are even harder to resist.

Surrounded by majestic volcanoes, the constant companions of the wild natural panorama of the Andean páramo, Hacienda El Porvenir’s cuisine delights: it’s the ideal location to seek out the essence of Ecuadorian gastronomy. Rescuing Andean flavors and ingredients of the central Sierra, the menu, which has always been a reflection of its talented cooks, has recently benefitted from special treatment and renewed attention. The hacienda’s owners have sought to elevate local ingredients and traditional recipes – from potatoes, quinoa, meats, llapingachos, locros and empanadas – bringing their homemade and native properties and character to the fore while not being afraid to serve new combinations, new derivations. Without a doubt, a recipe for success.

To top off the culinary experience, the desserts arrive – a fig pie, a unique endemic babaco treat – and behind a shy smile and an almost inaudible murmur, Gloria recommends the “tres leches”, because it’s her favorite.

The menu offers a variety that goes beyond Andean cuisine: fish dishes, pasta and even an interesting menu of vegetarian recipes that does not lose the taste nor the style… The Llapingacho Montado is to die for!



Vía El Pedregal, Cotopaxi – Ecuador

+(593 2) 204-1520

+(593 2) 600-9533


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