HACIENDA CUSIN: a.d. 1602. ‘400 years of welcome’


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​​Hacienda Cusin invites you to stroll endlessly along its flowering paths, read entire novels by a crackling fireplace as the evening sets in over Mount Imbabura, and explore the wonders of not only the hacienda itself, but of the entire “Valley of the Dawn”. To truly relish Hacienda Cusin, one night will clearly not suffice.

A museum in the Andes

Every nook and cranny of Hacienda Cusin tells a story, as art from many corners of the Andes shares its thick, earthen walls: Andean textiles from Bolivia to Chimborazo; paintings representing the ‘Cusco School’; folk art and antiques found in the hacienda itself or from throughout Imbabura; and murals created in situ by contemporary artists.

The story of practically every decorative item here is a reflection of Cusin’s place in the world, feeding visitors’ curiosity like few getaways in the country.

Every aspect of Hacienda Cusin is a display of art and talent… even the walls! (PH: Murray Cooper)

Experience an XIXth-century garden

We’re transported to the English Enlightenment, to gardens lauded as Ecuador’s most beautiful. The vibrance of the landscape is visible from any window, veranda, or balcony; an invitation to roam and discover. The organic orchard and vegetable gardens are ripe with medicinal plants, endemic fruits, and local vegetables used in Cusin’s magnificent hacienda lunches.

The gardens at Cusin are arguably the most beautiful in Ecuador. (PH: Murray Cooper)

Cabalgatas y bicicleta

Montar a caballo es muy popular en toda hacienda ecuatoriana y Hacienda Cusin no es la excepción. Imbabura ofrece un hermoso telón de fondo para viajes ecuestres, pero también excelentes rutas de bicicleta en parajes tanto cercanos como remotos de la provincia.

As you settle in and look out your window, the feeling is quite overwhelming: “this is Ecuador, this is the Andes”.

Games, rooms, and libraries

Every lounging hall or common room offers a corner to retire, with several book-ridden libraries, warmed by enormous fireplaces, gamesrooms to play the night away, and a premier film collection to enjoy classics for every age.

Reading halls with chimneys invite visitors to unwind and disconnect…

Horseback riding and Mountain Biking

Horseback riding is popular in haciendas across Ecuador. Hacienda Cusin, of course, offers its beautiful countryside as a backdrop for horseback riding and/or mountain biking, be it short forays nearby or longer overnight visits to remote corners of the province.

Mountain and Valley Hikes

The hills that rise behind the magnificent tiled-roof hacienda are known for the rinconadas (or “hilly corners”) they create. One can set out to explore these ravines, the beautiful patchwork valleys of the Imbabura mountainside, climb Imbabura, Mojanda or Cotacachi and hike to the sacred “lechero” tree and Condor Park.

Parque Condor is a rescue center for birds of prey, an excellent visit near Hacienda Cusín

The Valley of the Dawn

A land of mountains, lakes, and a treasure-trove of culture is chock-full of experiences to behold, from extreme nature in windswept highlands to family-owned craft workshops that keep alive age-old traditions. Discover leather crafts in Cotacachi, wood-carving in San Antonio de Ibarra, weaving in Otavalo, embroidery in Zuleta, and so much more…

The Valley of the Dawn is a world of lakes, mountains, valleys and much natural exploration.

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