Güitig: A winner, naturally


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For many Ecuadorians, Güitig has offered us the pure richness of the Earth since we were knee-high to grasshoppers. For more than a century, its effervescent and deliciously refreshing water has been the most natural way in which we Ecuadorians detoxify and revitalize. This mineral water, that all of us grew up drinking, has been part of our lives. But few of us realized how special it truly is.

Güitig is a true champion. Sourced from the volcanic slopes of the glorious Cotopaxi Volcano, this naturally effervescent drink is of the highest quality. Many probably assumed it always was, but its qualities were recently recognized again on the international stage.

This past May 23rd, the revered Fine Water Society bestowed one of the most distinguished awards of the bottled worldwide water industry upon the Ecuadorian brand.

At this year’s International Water Tasting Competition held in Ecuador, Güitig took home the Silver Medal in the Sparkling Water – Natural Carbonation category.

Thanks to its natural properties, Güitig is part of a select group of fine waters, mineralized from its source.

Forty-two brands from 23 countries participated in the event. After a day of tasting different waters of the world, during which each of the participating brands were evaluated according to their properties, taste, mineralization and even food pairing, the members of the jury-coming from the United States, Italy, Argentina and Germany – alongside the distinguished participation of the Ecuadorian chef Juan Carlos Ordoñez – deliberated on which deserved the highest recognition in the seven categories.

The award ceremony was held the following evening at the beautiful Hotel del Parque in Guayaquil. It was the first time that Ecuador has hosted an event of this magnitude focused on fine waters; testament to the respect the country has garnered over the years with its mineral waters.

Among the winners and competitors, fabulous and exotic waters from places like the Fiji Islands, Slovenia, Macedonia, Alaska, Norway, Portugal, Greenland, Hawaii, Lake Tahoe and Jackson Springs in the United States, France, Italy, Poland and even Lebanon participated, some of them receiving important awards.

It is undoubtedly a source of pride to know that what one has treasured since childhood deserves the admiration, also, of the whole world.

Güitig has been in the market 108 years and it wisely combines natural gas and minerals to achieve a mineral water with unique flavor. The sources are located in the Ecuadorian Andes and come from the melting of the Cotopaxi, Illinizas and Pasochoa volcanoes. Güitig is the only mineral water in Ecuador that is part of the select Fine Water Society, an institution that brings together the finest mineral waters in the world.




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