Green 9: Sunshine, comfort and relaxation


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Palm trees sway to the sea breeze, and our skin feels the warmth of the sun. The clouds glow orange and the sound of the sea changes as evening approaches: somehow everything here has more cadence. This is not a dream: this is Green 9 Same Spa and Beach Resort. Located in the paradisiacal province of Esmeraldas, a comfortable stay awaits, surrounded by tropical gardens with fully equipped suites for 2, 4 and up to 6 people, children’s areas, sports courts, delicious food at the restaurant, swimming pools, access to Same’s most beautiful beaches and walking trails to discover. For those who love the beach, Green 9 offers a true family vacation for those wishing to relax and enjoy.

Vía principal a Tonchigüe, Complejo vacacional Casablanca.Same, Esmeraldas
+(593 2) 393 8204 /231 /281 /253

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