Green 9: The ideal beach getaway


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Green 9: The ideal beach getaway

It is the ideal beach escapade. You can relax on your vacation without having any concerns other than enjoying the beach and quality time with family. Or you can take advantage of the innumerable activities nearby: the dream of every adventurer, beach-goer, or anyone intent on making the most out of their vacation.

Make a wish: a place to invite friends. A place to spend with family. A place to do nothing. A place to do everything. A place just yards from the beach. A place to buy the freshest fish and to cook a feast for you and your closest ones.

This classic Casablanca complex has become one of the most dynamic stays on the entire Esmeraldeña Coast. Green 9 has evolved – over time and accruing experience – to offer the best beach vacation you deserve.

The blue and white counterpoint of its façades calms the spirit and you can almost feel the breeze of the sea and taste the delights of the Pacific. You will also be surrounded by a natural, warm and generous environment, where there are stoic and colorful trees full of tropical birds that transport you to a remote, unique and special world. All in all, you never lack comfort. The impeccable service, first class facilities, a family-friendly pool where the little ones can spend hours enjoying the water and the teens can plan their stay between surfing and beach soccer.

You are free to visit the beautiful coast of Same, search for whales on the high seas off Súa, or explore as you please other paradisiacal destinations such as Punta Galera, Mompiche, Las Palmas in the city of Esmeraldas or Camarones … some of the best beaches in the country, which combine with other beautiful spots in tropical forests, mangrove swamps and visits by boat to solitary islands and love caves (the lobby will be happy to inform you about these tours!).

After these excursions you can always return to the comfort of your home in Green 9, take a dip in the pool, dine in the delicious resort restaurant, TikiHouse, or rest in your ample suite’s armchairs.

With the beach a few minutes away, a jacuzzi inside the complex and a convenience store in the vicinity, Green 9 is the ideal place to enjoy a family getaway to the beach, where you can even savor the incomparable Esmeraldeña cuisine, hiring local cooks who will prepare delicious typical dishes with the freshest seafood ingredients…


The restaurant and pizzeria proudly states they have “the best ceviches in Ecuador” and the most delicious pizzas in the area, prepared by Darío Sosa, the original pizza-maker at Hotel Casablanca 25 years ago. Apart from enjoying a meal in a fun outdoor restaurant, TikiHouse is also a lounge area that can hold corporate events and meetings in a relaxed setting.

Vía principal a Tonchigüe / Same, Esmeraldas Complejo Vacacional Casablanca.

+(593) 2-3938-204

1 800-GREEN9

Facebook: /Green9Same

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