Foodie Stop: Shari Sushi Bar


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Shari Sushi Fusion is an example of good international food in Portoviejo. As its name suggests, this restaurant is a personal take on Japanese food. Five years ago, chef Leonardo Pinargote brought his concept to the city and it’s been a hit ever since, allowing Portoviejo residents to discover sushi “their” way. 

All rolls are inspired by Portoviejo. One of them even bears the city’s name: the Portoviejo Roll City, served with a passion fruit sauce and traditional salprieta (a crushed peanut garnish). You can also taste “criollo sushi” with plantain chips and hot pepper sauce, or the traditional house special, the Picoazá, which Leonardo defines as ceviche in a roll. Though the most idiosyncratic item here may very well be the Caña Manabita (Manabí cane spirit), used for cocktails, desserts and even as sake, with a touch of “house” aguardiente.

Avenida Reales Tamarindos y Avenida Rotaria, al lado del colegio Cruz del Norte.
(+593) 99 220 1406
IG: @sharisushifusion

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