Foodie Stop: Jean Pierre


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The most complete breakfast in Portoviejo it’s served at Jean Pierre. Whoever doesn’t leave utterly satisfied from here just doesn’t want to. All the essentials of Portoviejo cuisine are the order of the day.

“It all started with yucca bread,” explains Betty Solórzano, the owner. To this day, it is still one of the city’s favorite appetizers, along with our corviches, humitas, tortillas and buns, which garnish some of the larger dishes such as tigrillo de carne and “hornado” (baked) fish.

This restaurant continues to specialize in that same flavor and tradition that has made it one of the city’s favorites.

Calle Chile y Avenida Ramos Iduarte, esquina.
(+593) 99 884 3406

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