Foodie Stop: El Especial


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For an authentic Portoviejo lunch you’ll have to visit Picantería El Especial, a business that began over two decades ago as a portable “cart” in the town of Picoazá. In the land of ceviche… it means something to be recognized… And this ceviche certainly had something special. 

Beginning with its white color. Upon contact with the palate, one immediately distinguishes its flavor. Here, you’ll find something for every taste, even traditional ceviches, but customers are loyal to the restaurant’s special: the all-shellfish “El Especial”. 

Don’t miss trying it with its special seafood sauce and ají (hot sauce), something Portoviejo natives flock to at lunch every day. You can also find El Especial in its native Picoazá.

Los Bosques. Avenida del Periodista y 5 de julio.
(+593) 98 173 5979 / (+593) 98 114 0636
IG: @el_especial_picanteria

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