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There is arguably no place in the country serving better hornado (hogroast) than La Merced market in Riobamba. This typical Andean dish has the best of reputations here, for Riobamba is a city that distinguishes itself for its traditional flavors, something that one can also discover throughout the province, in outlying villages. We present some of the most typical and special dishes in and around Riobamba.

Jean Anthelme Brillat Savarin, one of the first food writers in history, once said that the discovery of a new dish contributes more to human happiness than the discovery of a new star. In undertaking the journey through the province of Chimborazo our palates have experienced that happiness again and again when uncovering the flavors of each place. Chimborazo is a place for the adventurous, those eager for discovery. And with the amazing land-scapes that loom over every destination, the stories, textures, sights and flavors one finds along the way keep all senses satisfied. Below find a guide to the cravings on the road.

Stone tortillas in Penipe

Every Sunday the people of Penipe concentrate at doña Thargelia’s to buy the delicious tortillas made on volcanic rock. A must!

Fritadas with a twist in Riobamba

The Ayacucho fritada (calles Ayacucho and Garcia Moreno), a delectable Ecuadorian classic deep-fried pork dish, can be “sencilla” (simple) or “mixta” (mixed), which means it comes with Guaguamama (cow placenta) two delights in one dish.

Ice cream at San Francisco in Riobamba

In a small shop located in the city center of Riobamba, find the unmistakable San Francisco ice cream. All riobambeños you ask will tell you that nothing compares.

Riobamba hogroast at La Merced Market

You’ll find excellent hornado hogroast In small outskirt towns like Licto, Guano, or Penipe, on weekends, but not to be missed is the hornado of La Merced market in Riobamba itself, cooked on a wood stove with eucalyptus.

Salt juice

On the sides of La Merced market a curious concoction is sold: salt juice, a drink based on an unusual mixture of gravy and fried eggs, with a little lemon juice.

Chicha egg nog in Guano

A variant of the traditional chicha (fermented maize or yucca), with a little beer, sugar cane alcohol, brown sugar and eggs, a Guano exclusive.

Curious meat parcels in Macas    

Viscera of beef, chicken, ground beef, fish, even eel and bull testicles, this Macas tradition is always accompanied with heart of palm and yucca, wrapped in a bijao leaf.

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