Finca Saquifrancia: Commitment, nature and cacao


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The seed of this project was sown 15 years ago, when Galo Santana and his wife Victoria Nan decided to convert the six hectares of cane plantation that the inherited from their grandparents into a multi-crop farm: the sugar cane was soon mixed in with lemon trees, guava, cassava, orange, coffee, plantain and banana, papaya, pineapple and cacao.

With the passage of time, Galo decided to focus on the production of raw cacao paste (known internationally as cacao liquor), which is currently marketed under the name of Narauám. After many years of e orts to create the best possible product, Saquifrancia also offers nectar and cacao nibs, both by- products of the process that converts cacao into cacao paste. is paste can also be turned into chocolate powder (once separated from the cocoa butter) or used to make chocolate bars (whatever chocolate grade you so desire) and other pastries.

Saquifrancia also buys cacao from other producers, developing the commercial trade directly with them (even up to the Napo River) and offering them free training and technical advice for good agricultural practices. There
are about 80 families that thrive thanks to the Santana Nan family’s enterprise.

The name of the farm comes, curiously, from a family joke: when they visited their father’s mother, they went to Saquisilí (in the province of Cotopaxi), but when they were young they confused the complicated name and said they were going to Saquifrancia. Coincidence has it that the country to which they export their products the most is France!

Saquifrancia also offers a wonderful tourism trail, an easy one-hour
trek where visitors can interact with nature and the processes of cacao production (identify the plants, see how the cacao fruit is “drained”) and taste their products, plus they offer cabins where visitors can stay. Every single product from Saquifrancia can be found in Puyo, as well as in Kikinta Store (in Ambato) and in La Ibérica (in Riobamba).


Calle Carlos Santana y paso lateral Eloy Alfaro Puyo, Pastaza

(+593 9) 9870 2985 / (+593 3) 289 5898

Finca Saquifrancia


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