Farmers Market, Cumbaya’s Market


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Every weekend at 10 am, an assortment of local ventures meet at Paseo San Francisco in Cumbayá. Each stand, impeccably decorated, none looking like the one next to it; it might seem difficult to visualize them in harmony in the same space. Yet, what connects them is that, in addition to being creative, sustainable and delicious, they complement each other to offer curious shoppers the best for the kitchen and home.

A Different Breakfast

Starting the day doesn’t have to be a routine. Cueva del Duende, for example, offers a variety of cheeses, including the Ecuadorian chusalongo, matured for around ten months, a great idea to combine with your morning bread and coffee. Just like the string cheeses of La Luciana Delicatessen, with their creative butters and sauces.

Azalea‘s “artisanal” jams, with chunks of fruit including endemic babaco, taxo and naranjilla, quickly become a favorite at the breakfast table, as well as the gourmet products from Abasto Fine Foods, which specializes in bread.

For granola or a mid-morning snack, delight yourself with Casa Granel‘s wide selection of nuts and dried fruit. Or why not include fresh blackberries and raspberries from Ecuaswiss Agro to add color to your plate. Here, also find excellent berry wines.

Lunch Ideas

Bavaria is an ode to the classic German sausage, ideal for the grill with a beer in hand. Fonkis offers nutritious oyster mushrooms, which you can buy to grow at home or order with a delicious breading, ready to sautée. Chiri‘s frozen preparations are great for a last minute lunch solution: from quibbe to empanadas and tasty croquettes you can dress with Miskis’ delicious sauces, including a gourmet chimichurri that has taken years to perfect. Sabores de mi Tierra also prepares exclusive blends to spice up the meal; and we must not ignore Lutenitsa, a unique Bulgarian recipe that you’ll soon be craving on your next homemade pizza.

Afternoon Delights

Arariwa’s chocolate is spectacular in all its different concentrations; plus, it is praised for its circular economy. And to sweeten anything with class, try Sweet Bee Life‘s honeys that include forest aromas such as pine and eucalyptus of the forest. At Essenty you have delicious teas that help calm the mind, center the spirit and get a good night’s rest. We recommend its excellent chai tea.

And to Drink

Garau prepares creative liqueurs such as maracuncello (a passion fruit limoncello) or its Andean cherry, tropical arazá and coffee liqueur. El Secreto del Monje focuses on cocktails to go: piña coladas, mojitos, coffee liqueur, even soju or sake. And at La Vaca Aniñada, find another assortment of spirits but in ice cream cones? You got to check it out for yourself!

For the House

Saltos Home‘s wooden implements are beautiful high quality carved pieces and Ananau produces handmade creams and soaps with characteristic aromas, a special touch among everything you can take away from the fine hands of those who liven up this Cumbayá-style “farmers market”.

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