Fabiolita, Home-cooked heritage


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Emma Fabiola was already known throughout Quito for her flavorful dishes when, 54 years ago, she set up a traditional café below Quito’s Cathedral. Since that day, she became a city favorite. Locals who celebrate her original recipes come by with children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren several times a month, because nothing has changed since then: the same softness of the meat, the same locally-sourced ingredients, the same evergreen dishes prepared fresh every day.

Three generations have maintained this culinary tradition: Plaza Grande’s classic seco de chivo and pulled-pork sandwiches (as well as tasty natural juices, figs with cheese, mote with pork scratchings and more).


Espejo Oe4-17 y Venezuela, Plaza Grande.

+ (593 2) 228 4268


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