Every dish is its own experience at Cardó


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Octopus bacon, duck confit tacos or suckling pig with a delectable naranjilla sauce: exclusive recipes taken directly from Cardó’s outstanding kitchen. The authenticity of every dish here is what sets the restaurant apart from everything we’ve tasted before. That’s because every dish has its story, with ingredients that fusion not only flavors, but continents.

Chef Adrián Escardó is behind the menu. Digging deep into his European and Latin American roots has made his brand of culinary prowess special, taking advantage of both Old and New World cooking techniques. You feel this fusion in every bite. And that fits nicely with the look and feel of the restaurant, featuring large halls divided into settings for all occasions. Cardó has a cellar, indoor and outdoor areas, a bar, a private meeting room, and three floors that truly inspire the fine-diner due to their spaciousness and tactful, almost minimalist, décor.

Part of Cardó’s amazing story is the fact that the restaurant opened a week before lockdown. This prompted hard work and great efforts in order to remain in business. In April, Cardó began with a delivery service. Two months later, it re-opened to the public. The preparation, concept, techniques, and combination of ingredients behind every dish are so exquisite that they merit you to be there, experience it first hand.

Cocina de fondo‘ (which could be translated as ‘profound cooking’, or ‘cuisine with a backbone’) is the slogan that Cardó proudly professes. The knowledge and ritualistic culinary savoir-faire displayed throughout its diverse menu and savored through the complex simplicity of every flavor sets this wonderful restaurant apart.

Also find a wide variety of liquors and cocktails for all tastes, not to mention excellent desserts, which offer a sophisticated fusion of ingredients from around the world.

Without a doubt, a unique experience for all signature food lovers. Check out their website and make your reservations now.

Coruña N31-70 and Whymper
+593 98 623 4711
FB: cardoquito
IG: cardoquito

Opening hours
Monday and Tuesday from 12 pm to 10 pm
Wednesday thru Saturday from 12 pm to 11 pm

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