Escobar café: A well-paid tribute to Puyo´s heritage


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Rescuing noble materials, the ancestral wisdom of the locals and native products are the foundations of Escobar Café. Every detail is designed to share the message of the jungle and pay tribute to Puyo’s cultural identity.

The earth tones of the construction, made of bamboo, are mixed with stones sourced from the rivers of the jungle. The walls are covered with photographs of beautiful women, all of them defenders of indigenous peoples: Escobar Café offers its space as a meeting point between them and the media.

Painted on the walls, there are asymmetrical polygons in cream and garnet colors, that express the very essence of the jungle: beauty and perfection from the simplest of things. Its menu celebrates great ingredients prepared with verve: sauces and exotic fillings that accompany local products (like yucca or plantain).

Don’t miss the delicious bam ajirinri (ginger tenderloin), the wampurina (crispy wings), the kachi panga (chicken salad), the karishina (chicken sandwich) and the uku yaku in mocawa bowls (traditional chicha served in Amazonian pottery). You can also accompany your meals with other beverages, including iced guayusa tea or craft beer; in Escobar you live the Amazon identity from a noble, friendly and real connection.

Escobar Café is a place to connect with nature and learn about the struggles of the Amazon. It’s a place that honors the city of Puyo as a cultural and spiritual gateway to the jungle. As Yankuam Escobar says, “this is the ideal place to feel the spirit of the Ecuadorian Amazon Basin through cultural, social and spiritual sensibilities”.

This is the perfect place to spend an afternoon with friends, family and loved ones. As its friendly owner tells us, “this is the ideal stop to connect with Amazonian wisdom and get your cultural, social and spiritual fill.”

A soul born in the jungle

The bamboo construction of Escobar café is not Yankuam’s only project; there is also his house. This type of construction, to which he devotes time, study and work, is a bet for a natural and sustainable way of life. For Yankuam, “it is like connecting with ancestral and cultural heritage from any space”, as a proposal to harness millennial knowledge and apply it to improve modern life.

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