El Séptimo Paraíso


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El Séptimo Paraíso

This lodge is one of many in the Mindo area, but it truly stands out not only for its manor-like main house, pitted magnificently against the dense forest, but because it is also experienced in handling birders’ early breakfasts! Adaptable to accommodate almost any need and itinerary, located only a short way down the Mindo road, Séptimo Paraíso (Seventh Heaven) offers easy access to most prime visitor sites. A cozy environment – not to forget its excellent cuisine, outdoor pool and jacuzzi – and very child-friendly ambience are coupled with specta- cular nature on site: feeders that receive countless hummingbirds, toucans, the beautiful taira (a mam- mal) and forest squirrels, special night outings and all the regional goodies: guans quetzals, tanagers…).



2 km from the Mindo turn-off towards Mindo Village – Ecuador

+(593 9) 9-638-4421

+(593 9) 9-638-4417

+(593 9) 9-638-4420


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