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Mico EagleFeather’s El Oasis was established as a space to “detox” from the city. Detox in the purest sense of the word. One hundred percent organic. One hundred percent vegan. Gourmet dishes are free of soy, white sugar, animal products, chemicals, artificial ingredients, gluten… yes, enough restrictions to ensure culinary creativity in every step of every recipe. This culinary ‘introspection’ has given way to what Mico calls “the essence of ritual.” El Oasis sets new culinary standards for a more conscious and alternative cuisine in the heart of the city of Cuenca. The power of vegetables, minerals and antioxidants —the natural breadth of Mother Earth— offering a very special option for the vegan-curious and all-out-vegans out there.

This, combined with an artistic vision to fit: making every dish a work of art. Although the ingredients may be the same from dish to dish, there is always something that brings out new colors (and flavors) as you taste. Joining forces with Chef Annie Lulu —patissier, chocolatier, baker and mixologist— the signature restaurant has taken a deep turn towards the experimental… and, why not, the ceremonial: a cleansing ceremony of sorts that celebrates both the act of cooking as well as the act of eating healthy.


Mariscal Lamar y Escultor Ayabaca, Cuenca – Ecuador
+593 99 183 7205
FB: /eloasiscuenca
IG: @eloasiscuenca

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