Ecuador Getaways: Five of Our Favorites


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Ecuador Getaways: Five of Our Favorites

Where am I going to unwind? Catch my breath? Take the kids on holiday? Take my significant other? Find some me space?

Ecuador has great places to do that (and all year round): places to forget it all, at just the right distance from the madding crowds… haciendas, provincial city hotels and lodges with thick walls, beautiful gardens and the service to truly take a load off.

Here are some of our favorite getaways across the country. Remember, they’re not tourist-only… if you’re a local, save the plane ticket and bring on the homegrown pampering.

Hotel del Parque: Guayaquil is the country’s largest, most chaotic city. At first glance, it may all seem like traffic and buildings, but there is plenty of lush green forests and nature all around to isolate you from the racket; and one of the most special sites in the city to do this is Parque Histórico, a true oasis of green amidst the concrete. Tucked inside the park, you’ll find the luxurious, historic and beautiful Hotel del Parque, one of Ecuador’s finest, newest hotels, a place to revel in and treasure alongside a magnificent tropical river.

Hacienda Piman: The Otavalo area north of Quito, in the north province of Imbabura, is a prime tourism destination, and just a little further we find this gem of a getaway, in the middle of evergreen temperate nature, an antique hacienda refurbished with great taste, a place of solace that has inspired poets and lovers alike and will surely replenish your senses.

Hacienda Abraspungo: The “heart of the country”, the city of Riobamba, is cupped by magnificent views of the great volcanic peaks that make Ecuador so special, including Chimborazo, the country’s highest summit, and El Altar, the “altarpiece”, a 9-peak majestic wonder of the natural world. Full of warmth, good food, great service and a sense of placid isolation, Abraspungo also offers a great place to discover the area and take in the great views.

Posada Ingapirca: Imagine staying only meters from Ecuador’s most important archaeological ruins, Ingapirca, a spectacular Inca city left behind and rediscovered, with a glorious sun temple overlooking the rugged landscapes of Ecuador’s south country. Posada Ingapirca is a unique, quaint country inn that links ancient history with the pleasures of rural life.

Hotel Victoria: Cuenca is Ecuador’s daintiest city, no doubt, and Hotel Victoria couldn’t be located in a more dainty, romantic spot in town, between iconic Calle Larga on one side and riverside El Barranco on the other… A friendly ambience in a stately classic Cuenca residence, and a great place to just hop out and walk around, discovering everything that makes this city so treasurable.

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