Eats and Treats on the Road in Cuenca


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¡These are the best treats on the road in Cuenca!


This cold drink from Gualaceo is made of white corn and mixed with fruits like pineapple, chamburo (similar to papaya), and orange and with different aromatic herbs and sugar. It’s usually served accompanied by any traditional cuencano bread.


A popular drink prepared during the festivities of Corpus Christi. It’s made with corn, hominy, naranjilla, babaco, chamburo and spices. Usually served on clay bowls and topped with orange leaves.


Chumales are also known as humitas in other parts of Ecuador, but in Cuenca its corn dough is mixed with salt and sugar, anise and anise-flavored liqueur. This sort of cake is steamed inside corn husks and is the ideal complement to afternoon coffee.


Along Avenida Don Bosco, look out for traditional picanterías where cuy (guinea pig) and cascaritas are prepared on the sidewalks. The crispy pork skin is called cascaritas and is cooked with a blowtorch and accompanied with hominy, salt and ají (chilli sauce).

Guinea Pig

Cuenca cuisine is well-known for cooking guinea pig on a rotisserie. This exotic and delicious dish, for many, is often reserved for special occasions as the little rodents don’t come cheap. It is usually served with potatoes, hominy, and salad or avocado. If you try it, watch out for the little bones.

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