Dining to the sound of the waves: cuisine at Finch Bay Eco Hotel


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The Galápagos, that natural wonder in the Pacific Ocean made famous by Charles Darwin’s evolutionary theory, evokes in the worldliest of grownups a sense of sparkling, childlike awe.

And just like the islands themselves, there’s something surprising about almost every aspect of the dining experience at the Finch Bay, a proud member of National Geographic Unique Lodges of the World.

The Santa Cruz island setting makes the greatest impression, in conveniently-located Puerto Ayora. From the dining room, open to the ocean, and the elements at the front and a surreal lava garden at the back, you can just about hear the waves – after dinner is the perfect moment to dip your toes in the calm waters and look out for shooting stars. The bar and lounge beckon for a cocktail before a private, candlelit dinner on the cusp of the sand.

“The Finch Bay concept is to make you feel at home, make you feel important,” says Finch Bay’s Gastronomic Director, Byron Rivera, a Cordon Bleu-trained chef.

As well as artful presentation, dishes demonstrate a sophistication of flavor seldom seen on the Galápagos Islands. Chef Byron combines fresh, local ingredients (many from Finch Bay’s own vegetable garden), with up-to-the minute techniques and immaculate execution, served with natural ease by the welcoming staff.

Passionate about fish and seafood, Byron and his team experiments with flavors, turning the kitchen into a laboratory where he tests out new trends and techniques.

“Our gastronomic concept is all about quality, presentation, freshness, trying to engage all the senses,” he says.

Discovery, magic and awe are all intrinsic elements of the Galapagos experience. At Finch Bay, they’re served up by the plateful.

Finch Bay Eco Hotel
Puerto Ayora, Isla Santa Cruz
USA Toll Free /Línea gratuita EEUU: 1-888-229-3214
Reservaciones/ reservations: +(593 2) 298-8311
Hotel: +(593 5) 252-6297

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