Delfin Magico, a Manabí classic


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It seemed like a legend, a place lost in the middle of the desert beaches of Manabí that served the best seafood in the country. Few had heard of the town of Salango back then, a fishing town with an important archaeological history, dominated by a scenic coastline and the imposing islet of Salango rising in the distance. It was here that over thirty years ago Victoria and Alfredo Pincay created Delfín Mágico. The flavors that emanated from its kitchen attracted hundreds of happy foodies from the city of Guayaquil, causing traffic in the town and on the road towards it to taste its famous ‘seafood sauce’ and other exclusive recipes. Salango continues to be that beautiful, isolated coastal town and Delfín Mágico, a culinary staple of Manabí, with all its history and saveur.

Delfín Mágico Restaurante
Salango, Manabí

+(593 5) 257 4291

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