Cyril, A Tale of Sweet Temptation


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Customers often raise an eyebrow when reading the name-tags that describe and detail ingredients in the pastries, ice cream flavors and chocolates displayed throughout the boutique. Everything seems so accurate, fine and delicate. Some products are covered with such rarities as comestible 22-carat gold sheets. It is all part of Chef Cyril Prud’homme’s style: “What interests me is something I learned working with Pierre Hermé: we don’t sell art, we sell flavors. This sentence contains the art of making sweets! It’s a philosophy.”

A variety of “petits gâteaux” and “entremets”, biscuits, and ice cream flavors made with natural ingredients conjure the delectable aromas. A variety of classic and original breads, jams made in the Parisian-grandmother way and an enormous variety of chocolates, truffles, cakes, figures (that vary according to the time of year), sculptures… — including one of Cyril’s last creations, “the chocolate sausage”, filled with a hazelnut praline and roasted hazelnuts.

Cyril Boutique works like an haute couture fashion house, with two collections a year, spring-summer and autumn-winter. After the autumn-winter 2012-2013 collection entitled “Emotion chocolatée”, Chef Cyril is introducing the new spring-summer 2013 collection entitled “Tout Paris”. After his modern creations such as Mr. Spock, Diversión, Azteca… Cyril takes us into the heart of Paris with more classical and traditional French desserts. Quiteños will be able to delight their palates with the traditional Fraisier, Éclair café, Savarin, Crême Caramel, Saint Honoré… chocolate Eiffel Towers and many other surprises. We will even have classic Parisian French music from the 50s and 60s. Cyril will be paying tribute to his city, Paris, where magic, glamour and love are always present, accompanied by the flavors and textures of this new exciting collection.

Cyril has lived his entire life obsessed with Parisian desserts and chocolates: “I’ve been here seven years, and of course, I miss France and there are things that take a while to get used to…,” he says. “For example, people still don’t appreciate the true flavors of their own ingredients. Chocolate is the best example. I make it from scratch, like almost everything here at the boutique, from local cacao… And some people still think it’s supposed to taste like Nesquick! They’re used to that. Prefabricated sugar-and-additive-filled products… It’s good to know I can contribute to exposing people to the real taste of their own ingredients. It takes time for them to train their palates, to appreciate what’s theirs.”

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