Corn: 1001 flavors in San José de Puembo


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Always seeking excellence, San José de Puembo Hotel brings us Las Sugerencias del Chef (the Chef’s Specials) a unique menu of dishes made with local products, conceived to recover the legacy of our fertile lands. We begin with the Corn Festival. The versatility of this legendary crop is infinite: hominy croquettes stuffed with pork rind, polenta with sealed salmon, red corn, black corn and beetroot arepas with chicken, pop-corn reductions and creamy corn soufflé with shrimp are among the options. Without a doubt, a menu to take you on a well-deserved voyage into Ecuador’s culinary identity, amid beautiful gardens and the unique hospitality that distinguishes San José de Puembo.


Manuel Burbano s/n, Puembo, Quito
+(593 2) 239 0264 / +(593 9) 98 377 881

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