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Loja is the place for a caffeine fix. Almost every corner of the province — one of the few exceptions is the canton of Zapotillo — produces coffee. Year upon year, the province’s awards and accolades pile up. In 2018, coffee from Loja came in first and second in several competitions, including the National Barista Prize, awarded to Jonathan Ramírez.

But Loja coffee, almost unsuspectedly, is slowly becoming a tourist attraction in its own right. One can visit different farms across the province where one can learn about how the coffee is cultivated, harvested roasted, and tasted. Among the most interesting farms, some of which offer activities and complimentary visits, are Papaya (in Saraguro, one of the most renowned), Aguacate (on the old road to Cuenca), La Trinidad (in Malacatos), San Gabriel (in Yangana), and Finca Bourbon in San Pedro de Vilcabamba. Visit them… and taste a cup in our honor!

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