Chimborazo Lodge


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Chimborazo Lodge

The exaggerated – almost dreamlike – proportions of this mountain lodge and the colossal Mount Chimborazo that rises epically behind it, only deepen the desire to reach the colossus’s summit. Located in a place especially chosen to awaken the spirit of adventure of any mortal, renowned mountaineer Marco Cruz and his family offer the perfect base from which to touch the skies of the Andes. Walk the ancient Camino Real, explore the Machay Cave and San Juan Canyon, or venture to the top of the volcano itself, from a beautiful lodge that tells the stories of great adventurers and a deep-rooted passion for the mountain…

Km 23 vía al volcán Chimborazo. Riobamba

+ (593 3) 236-4258

+ (593 3) 236-4278

+ (593 9) 99733646

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