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The town of Jipijapa (pronounced Hippy Happa) is renowned for its ceviche (a century-old reputation, really), with classic joints as El Capitán, dating back fifty years. A town with such tradition certainly has the right to reinvent its precious recipe, as it has with what we call today as Jipijapa Ceviche (a nod to how Panama hats were called back in the day: Jipijapa hats).

One of the restaurants that best represents this specialty is Cevichería Pepe, in its original location in downtown Jipijapa. The reinvention: including a peanut sauce in the ceviche. Today, all respectable cevicherías reserve a space on their menu for this dish. Though we recommend you travel to the source and seek out the original at Pepe’s restaurants (1, 2, 3 and 4) in Jipijapa.

Cevicherías Pepe
Jipijapa, Manabí

+(593 9) 9 578 0321

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