Cevicangre: A blue crab cult in the making


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In Rioverde, it is customary for restaurants to carry the name of their signature dish. And Cevicangre is one of those dishes whose fame, by sheer word of mouth, has traveled province-wide, inviting you to discover (and devour) it.

The “cevicangre”, a culinary invention for a hungry high noon, is a shrimp ceviche, a rice dish with plantain chips, a cold coconut with water and a one-and-only crustacean, the Esmeraldas blue crab. For the locals, there is just nothing that could possibly compete. The boiled crab is dunked in a thick coconut sauce and, with a green apron emblazoned with the restaurant’s playful logo, a mallet and a wooden board, you begin the task of extricating the meat from the shell.

Part of the visit includes the chance to see the handsome blue crabs feeding at the “fattening station”.

The species is colorful, indeed: with bright red legs, yellow claws and a cornflower blue back, especially noticeable in older individuals… They’re fed carrots, cabbage, yucca, corn… and like good Esmeraldeños, coconut and sugar cane, which makes the meat that more delicious when cooked. The largest Cevicangre dish (featuring the largest crabs in the fattening pen) costs around $13. Once your plate arrives, however, the species’ bright colors will have faded…

Locals will always suggest you visit Cevicangre. Its location, Vuelta Larga de Rioverde, is quite special, as it sits along the banks of a river that, like its Spanish name, reflects a deep olive green color. You can take a one-to-two-hour boat ride, organized by the community, to different riverside sites within the area, including villages, river beaches and cacao farms.


Vía San Lorenzo a 2 km. del puente de Rioverde y entrada a la comunidad Vuelta Larga a 1800 m / On the road to San Lorenzo, 2 km from the bridge at Rioverde, 1.8 km from the entrance to the vilalge of Vuelta Larga.

+(593 9) 8603 2280

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