Celebrate freedom this October holiday with our Ñan Recommends


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Celebrate freedom this October holiday with our Ñan Recommends

Almost 200 years ago, and without the need for a referendum, the patriots of Guayaquil forever severed their colonial ties with Spain, in a dynamic night-time operation during which they locked up, with astonishing skill and without needing to resort to violence, the Iberian authorities of the time, thus obtaining the independence that just about everyone in the land longed for.

This October 9th, as we do every year, we celebrate not only that historic dawn, but also the beginning of the campaign to free Quito, that would eventually culminate in the famous Battle of Pichincha on May 24, 1822.

This holiday, wherever you may be across the length and breadth of our sovereign country, celebrate freedom and independence as you truly deserve – by exploring!

If you decide to go to the source and you are in Guayaquil, check out our article on what to do on the boardwalk and its surroundings here   where you can take in some of the historical landmarks of the city, including the fabulous sculpture Fragua de Vulcano, a tribute to the heroes who established the independence of the city (and of the future country of Ecuador), without first visiting the new Hotel del Parque  , in the beautiful Parque Histórico to experience its delicious dining offer at Casa Julián, right by the riverside.

If you don’t plan on visiting el “Puerto Principal” during its October festivities, why not take the time to venture to Otavalo  where you can stay nearby in the excellent La Estelita, for a superb view of Yaguarcocha, Imbabura and Ibarra.

Other recommended ones of the area include Hacienda Cusin, Hacienda Piman, Sacha Ji, or why not Molino San Juan on the way to and from the Cayambe area.

Perhaps you prefer to take a few days to visit Riobamba, where a great adventure awaits, including the trek to the fabulous El Altar, one of the most beautiful and sculptural mountains of the continent … follow the link  for recommendations of what to do in the area, and consider staying at the beautiful Hacienda Abraspungo… or, if the beauty of the mountain calls you, at the foot of the Chimborazo in Chimborazo Lodge.

Or why not, take advantage to know Cuenca, the most beautiful city in Ecuador! The Hotel Carvallo is our new recommended, beautiful stay in the heart of the city!

Ñan Recommends

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