Cayambe in my Dreams


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I have a special connection with the Cayambe volcano, maybe because it was the first mountain I climbed. I think I know her well. I know her face, up there, where few get to look at it. But on my last visit, a few weeks ago, it was unrecognizable. I was surprised how much the glacier has shrunk… It’s a reality that is a little uncomfortable when you discover that many of the places that you have photographed, that you have come to know so intimately, are transformed. A sensation that surely the North American photographer Ansel Adams felt when he saw how humans were appropriating landscapes and little by little transforming the world. I feel the world is changing. And I reflect on how we behave, how we move through this world, how we live with our environment, when I’m up there, and I’m so small in front of a summit like Cayambe… who are we?

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