Casa Julián


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Surrounded by tropical vegetation and on the banks of the prodigious Daule River, this exquisite restaurant raises the senses with dishes such as the Galapagos grouper “Tonga” creamed and crispy quinoa with hearts of palm in garlic sauce. The clear objective here is to take full advantage of the prodigious mosaic of ingredients Ecuador possesses, in one of the most special corners of the city of Guayaquil. Casa Julián reinvents and consolidates the Ecuadorian culinary tradition in the perfect setting. Connected to Hotel del Parque in Samborondón, there are two more restaurants to look out for, El Jardín and La Pérgola, which also take you to a magical place, ideal for a romantic dinner.

Parque Histórico, Guayaquil
(+593 4) 372 5260

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