Casa Ceibo: a dream getaway in Bahía de Caráquez


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Spacious, comfortable, modern, clean, luxurious, tropical, ecological, refreshing… Casa Ceibo embodies the many virtues of her progressive, ecological town, Bahía de Caráquez, and crushes them into a gem of a hotel. Along the Chone River delta, the port’s defining feature, Casa Ceibo transmits the balance and the breeze of nature throughout every corner of this garden estate.

The Río Chone, a large and lazy river lined with dense shoreline vegetation, ripples against Casa Ceibo’s pier as its tide rises and falls. Home to fishermen and thousands of birds, this is our portal to a magical world of mangroves, beaches, and coastal life. A small exclusive yacht takes us to a number of attractions in and around Bahía de Caráquez, a destination that surely deserves more attention than it gets.

Visit beautiful Isla Corazón (Heart Island), navigating amidst impressive arboreal ‘bridges’ while discovering bird nesting colonies and the friendly, eco-inclined community that has done so much to safeguard the local environment; or spend the day at Cabo Pasado, an intimate, exclusive beach only reachable by sea.

Experience La Segua, wetlands green and majestic; or hike along trails within deciduous forest at Cerro Seco —both are special for the rich and varied birdlife they hold; perhaps discover the wonderful archaeological site at Chirije; and you won’t want to miss the tranquil coastal city of Bahía itself.

Every outing is thoughtfully complemented by the warm reception at Casa Ceibo, where chilled tropical fruit juices await our return, served by the generous and attentive hotel staff. Casa Ceibo was the first South American hotel to be honored with the prestigious Five Star Green Diamond, awarded by the Academy of Hospitality Sciences.

Here, where the river’s freshwater meets the sea, contrasts come together; where dark, sturdy hardwood verandas and floors meld with high ceilings and white walls; modern design and the artwork of many renowned contemporary Ecuadorian artists are combined with pre-Columbian pottery, and the hotel’s menu brings together the local culinary culture—one of the country’s most celebrated—with the best in international fare.

Ample rooms, some with terraces that overlook the inviting swimming pool, are not only an example of good taste, but they offer a special warmth that makes it easy to call Casa Ceibo your home in Manabí. You can also burn some calories on the professional tennis courts or gym, or enjoy some R&R among spacious gardens and a luxury spa, all on offer for your delight… Casa Ceibo is one of the most memorable overnight experiences in the country.

Casa Ceibo Hotel & Spa
Via a Tosagua
Bahía de Caráquez, Manabí

Reservations: +(593 5) 239-9399

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