Canoa Beach Hotel


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Located at the secluded end of Canoa, one of the longest shorelines in Ecuador, Canoa Beach Hotel has become one of the go-to places, an excellent option for families and a hub to explore the area (from mangroves in Bahía de Caráquez to the wetlands of La Segua), it offers spacious rooms, a relaxed atmosphere, a restaurant with a varied menu that satisfies all ages and preferences (from traditional coastal fare to pizza) and a relaxing pool where you can hang out in until the evening, when the “Devil’s cauldron” is turned on (a Jacuzzi). The beach becomes an extension of the hotel itself, with the possibility of practicing some sports: surfing, biking and even paragliding from the nearby hills.


km 16 vía a Jama, Canoa

+ (593 5) 258 8061 / + (593 9) 85 19 8507


Canoa Beach Hotel

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