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If there were ever a ‘neighborhood coffee house’ in Quito, it would have to be Miele. “Where everyone knows your name,” jokes María José Salgado, “you know, like ‘Cheers’”. She’s only repeating what one of her customers likened her cute little dive out of rue Mouffetard with, because she’s never actually seen the show. And that would probably be because she’s only 24.

Friendly, smiley, generous (she personally waits on her tables), a great chef and a superb patissière, María José began an impromptu to-order cake business for friends and family before everyone just knew she and the coffee house business were made to be. And she couldn’t have picked a better spot.

A block away from Hotel Quito, an easy 5-minute walk from Quito’s financial center and Swissôtel, Miele wakes up as a breakfast and brunch joint, turns into a luncheonette for hurried bankers and lawyers by midday, and lingers through the afternoon to transform into a dainty tearoom for Gonzalez Suárez socialites.

The menu is to the point (although extra requests are welcome), with fully-fledged breakfasts for both the sweet- or the savory-inclined; lunch specials including sandwiches, a classic Ecuadorian locro, or the delicious Miele pie; and, of course, excellent desserts, among the most popular are the rum cake and the cup-sized cheesecakes. Clean, sleek yet pretty, wi-fi ready, intimate and personalized to-a-tee with warm white walls and funky cupcake-humor posters (and cupcakes available on order, too), Miele is a great place to spend your time with flavor.

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