Bellavista: A birders’ Eden


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Bellavista: A birders’ Eden

This is the Mindo/Tandayapa area’s pioneer eco-lodge, perched on the mystical ridgetop that looms over the Tandayapa valley. Bellavista quickly became a highlight of the Paseo del Quinde Eco-route, famous in the birding world for its subtropical forest denizens. This paradise for naturalists as well as for ornithologists encourages breathtaking explorations through its trails in this cloud forest reserve. The colorful Toucan Barbet, the spectacular Golden-headed Quetzal, the delicate Blue-winged Mountain Tanager and the more than 12 species of hummingbirds are just some of the endless species of birds that can be found here. We recommend you stay the night to enjoy the comfortable rooms that are in perfect harmony with the environment, to taste the delicious and hearty food, and to discover the primary forest and hidden waterfalls all around.


6 km up from Tandayapa village

+ (593 2) 223 2313

+ (593 2) 290 1536

+ (593 9) 9416 5868

Martes a domingo 9 a.m. a 7 p.m.

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