Bambú Bar: celebrating Quito cuisine


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Bambú Bar is one of those classic restaurants that transmits the culinary knowledge of generations past: a kind of vintage experience that takes us to the very details and essence of Quito homestyle cuisine.

Irene Rivadeneira has cooked here for over 18 years; a proud heiress of the 3-generation 35-year-stretch during which Bambú Bar has become a culinary staple in the city. The varied menu reveals how things have changed, from its humble beginnings offering excellent international fare to its current local vibe, centered on becoming a true receptacle of what Quito food is all about.

Traditional recipes, hard to find in any other restaurant, from lengua (tongue) dishes to meat and cheese ají soups (a Quito specialty that is slowly but surely becoming harder to come by). You can also taste Quito versions of Ecuadorian classics such as ceviche or seco de chivo, all prepared with organic ingredients from the local vegetable garden. And for dessert, you can either go French with an excellent mousse au chocolat or profoundly Quiteño, with a delicious merengón de guanábana (soursop meringue).

So, don´t miss out on the authentic Quito flavor in this cozy dive right by Cumbayá Square.

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