Artes Vivas International Festival


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The city takes the stage

In 2018, from November 15 to 25, the curtain opens over the city of Loja and we are all invited!

Painters, sculptors, actors, musicians and dancers take over the city, infusing creativity every corner and aspect of city life as part of one of the country’s most recent, and talked-about festivals. Conceived as a celebration of the scenic arts, the Festival Internacional de Artes Vivas turns the city itself into its stage, live performances bursting from its theaters, squares, parks and streets.

Loja opens its arms to receive artists from Ecuador and abroad, from countries including Colombia, Spain, Japan, Peru, France, Argentina, Italy, Mexico and Cuba. The program also includes a “Festival School”, which encourages cultural management training within the city, offering the general public an in-depth approach to the arts through workshops that cover topics as varied as vertical safety for acrobats, theatrical performance or art project management. These events will be held on the days prior to the Festival, as part of the “Camino a Loja” (Road to Loja) initiative.

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