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Galápagos is present in everything Arkabuz does. In their music, their lyrics, their melodies… To listen to Arkabuz is to become part of the touching relationship these boys ­— who grew up in Galápagos, among sea lions, lava fields and the perpetual view of the horizon —have with the ocean and the Enchanted Islands themselves.

More than a decade ago, Arkabuz was formed like many a band before them: four young lads in their garage making music for friends and family (and themselves) to rock out to… The idea of ​​becoming stars was a very distant prospect, as far as the Galápagos are from the South American continent. Galápagos had never before produced a “musical hit” in all its history. So, the fame, the concerts, the fans shouting out the lyrics to their songs in the cool Quito dives, so loud they could barely hear themselves think (a Shea Stadium moment in more ways than one), all that came later…

Sitting back at the Idrovo residence in San Cristóbal, Federico Idrovo and Nicolás Bermeo look back on those glory years with a smile. They play us a couple of tunes with the same passion with which they created them. A bit of funk, some reggae sprayed with jazz and rock, a cool blend of everything that ever washed up on the airwaves of their Galápagos radio stations, all of it intact with every strum of their guitars.

“When music seemed only to be about love and relationships, we appeared, just wanting to sing about everyday life, the sea, the beach, what it was like to grow up here”

The members of the band become animated when recalling the stories of their concerts in Quito, of the time they “filled Seseribó” (a popular salsa club) or when they “played at Itchimbía Park and this guy (Nico) tells me it’s my turn to sing Control… what? He could have mentioned that before getting on stage!” recounts Fede with a laugh. They’re proud of the fact that they are the only band from the Galápagos to have ever played at the QuitoFest.

Arkabuz’s music still echoes out across the cool evening breezes of San Cristóbal and still plays on distant speakers as their fans remember the words of the classics: Vive Libre, Puerto Chino, Nada… “¡Mira corazón, de melocotón!” Check out their music on Spotify or YouTube.

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