Altamira: Experiential cooking


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Altamira: Experiential cooking

Altamira Restaurant is a haven of hospitality nestled in Quito’s historic center. A stone’s throw away from the Basílica, it makes for a perfect stop on any tour of the Old Town. Altamira’s charming decor will make you feel at home. But then, how else could you feel such an authentic setting? Sitting in the central patio of the traditional, colonial-style building, you can appreciate the restaurant’s warm and welcoming atmosphere that Ecuadorians and foreigners alike enjoy.

This restaurant is a labor of love, the product of years of experience in tourism and hospitality. A French-Ecuadorian endeavour, the restaurant features daily lunch menus and à-la-carte options.

Christmas and New Year’s Eve are approaching, and Altamira offers a special menu to enjoy with your family, friends and colleagues. To be a part of this French-inspired get-together, contact Altamira Restaurant.

Altamira is also offering an innovative new culinary experience. Their offer of customized cooking classes can accommodate groups of one to 30 participants. Each group chooses their own menu, but a typical meal could include locro, an Andean potato soup, and encocado, a coconut stew with seafood. Chef Edwin Yambay immediately puts his class at ease, explaining the steps of the recipe with a sense of humor that complements his expert culinary knowledge. As the participants chop onions, peel potatoes, or try seasoning the refrito, the chef gives pro tips along the way.

Before long the kitchen is bustling with energy.

Food is always the best way to bring people together. Whether you want to enjoy a nice meal in a quaint historic building, or spend time with family or colleagues learning the secrets of Ecuadorian cooking, Altamira has what you’re looking for.

Altamira Restaurante

Caldas Oe1-204 y Vargas.

+(593) 9690-93589

Facebook: /Altamira Restaurante

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