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The Ecuadorian fiesta popular continues to represent that crack in the calendar through which the immemorial, the unfathomable, the intractable, and the essential, filter through. During any Ecuadorian fiesta, the country transcends its political borders; it returns to the land and forgets its name; it stops in its tracks, it gets hammered, gets all prettied up, dances the night away, reinvents itself, comes to its knees, thanks and prays and explodes like a thousand firecrackers in the sky.


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Discover with Ñan the secrets of Ecuador next to passionate adventurers; explore exotic spots; find the best local cuisine and visit recommended places.

The official parenthesis of our day-to-day, an invocation of the past and, in a drunken trance, a crude encountre with the present; the triumphal arrival

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Ecuador is an adventure. Its geography breaks, rolls, plummets… there are few places in the world that look like it, or feel like it.

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