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Ñan: noun from the Quechua Andean language. Route, way, path. Pronounced [nian]

Ñan 28 | Chowing Down Ecuador

Ecuadorian food is made up of hundreds of unique recipes, part of our nation’s heritage and identity, that reveal the extraordinary diversity of landscapes and cultures that comprise the country. More than being a reason to go mad, it is a reason to be proud. Of course, someone has to find a way to divert people’s attention away from guinea pig and towards something just a little more appealing to international palates. But until then, we will continue to show you all there is to savour in this wonderfully diverse country… because this issue’s motto, if it really has one, is to treat Ecuadorian food as the sum of its parts.


One of the most special experiences of enjoying food in Ecuador is to discover a completely unique cuisine, the result of an unprecedented blending of

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