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Ñan: noun from the Quechua Andean language. Route, way, path. Pronounced [nian]

Ñan 25 | Cotopaxi: Beyond the volcano

Our 25th issue of Ñan magazine reveals the treasures of the province of Cotopaxi… beyond its volcano. Discover with us what grows and paints its patchwork fields… explore with us the canyons, caves, lakes and mountains, wonderfully preserved cities like Latacunga and the heartland of Inca Atahualpa’s empire, where this steadfast warrior defeated his brother Huascar and where his remains may be buried. From the llama races of the high Andes, we venture to the limits of the province, where everything turns green and lush, where powerful waterfalls tumble and the tropics warms the soul…


How should we best visit majestic Cotopaxi? What is the best way to approach this mythical mountain, the true crown of the Ecuadorian Andes, with

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