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Quito’s location is gold. Few cities in the world flaunt so much to do and discover so nearby. If you are a native, or you have lived in Quito for a while, you know this well, but

A refreshing, peaceful stay in the Cayambe area, this former mill, part of an old Jesuit hacienda, is today a picturesque country lodge. Delicious food, the spectacular sight of glorious snow-capped Cayambe, the cozy atmosphere of a

This lodge is one of many in the Mindo area, but it truly stands out not only for its manor-like main house, pitted magnificently against the dense forest, but because it is also experienced in handling birders’

As we pass through the wooden door of Hacienda El Porvenir’s main house and get out of our car, the smell of homemade Ecuadorian food wafts over us. Almost unconsciously, the aroma takes us directly to its

This is a story within a story within a story. It’s about a children’s book that was never written, by a children’s teacher who turned hotelier, in a community that in 25 years has witnessed and worked

Fanesca is that Good Friday all-in-one potage that drives any good Quiteño crazy… mainly because he has to wait an entire year to have it again! Some actually say the best fanesca can only be concocted by

“Imbabura is a very healing region. There’s something special here. And the people have great gifts for healing.” With this sentiment as her guiding star, María Teresa Ponce sought out the perfect place to start a business

"Ecuador is a real paradise for any chef. The variety of products, the ease of obtaining them, the local farmers who care for their vegetable gardens as if they were puppies