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Located on the Plaza Grande, at the foot of the Cathedral, Cafetería Fabiolita is the perfect place to take in the beautiful surroundings while people-watching the dynamic life of the most popular square in Quito. This intimate

At Achiote, delicious gourmet Ecuadorian dishes come bathed in fruity sauces, always accompanied by a generous salad. They are as appetizing as they were seven years ago, when the restaurant opened, continually seeking to innovate in healthy,

It comes from the highest elevations on Mount Cotopaxi. It crosses underground channels, nourishing itself with minerals until it arrives at a spring, or other body of water a prodigy of nature that reaches the comforts of

It is the ideal beach escapade. You can relax on your vacation without having any concerns other than enjoying the beach and quality time with family. Or you can take advantage of the innumerable activities nearby: the

At this street-corner sushi house located in the residential neighborhood of Las Casas, it’s well worth ordering Shibumi’s “Omakaze” to enjoy a creative platter featuring chef Junior Córdova’s finest rolls. Fresh and delicious, a notorious Japanese cuisine

Aside from the floor-to-ceiling windows, the two-kilometre- long cable-car sweeping over the forest canopy, the 400+ bird species, the tremendous waterfalls and giant butterflies, what most impresses guests of Mashpi Lodge, a charter member of National Geographic

The passion for baking bread that transmits love and warmth was always the engine that led Moderna’s path. In the beginning, their freshly baked loaves captivated their audience and it was the passion and knowledge they acquired

Altamira Restaurant is a haven of hospitality nestled in Quito’s historic center. A stone’s throw away from the Basílica, it makes for a perfect stop on any tour of the Old Town. Altamira’s charming decor will make