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Fanesca is that Good Friday all-in-one potage that drives any good Quiteño crazy… mainly because he has to wait an entire year to have it again! Some actually say the best fanesca can only be concocted by

“Imbabura is a very healing region. There’s something special here. And the people have great gifts for healing.” With this sentiment as her guiding star, María Teresa Ponce sought out the perfect place to start a business

"Ecuador is a real paradise for any chef. The variety of products, the ease of obtaining them, the local farmers who care for their vegetable gardens as if they were puppies

On the crispiest of focaccias, La Mecha sprinkles fresh ingredients and her savoir-faire. It's a simple récipe. But the secret is that it’s excellent. A wood-oven

Is there a better way to imbue one’s spirit with Quito’s heritage Historic Center than actually sleeping in it? And the best version of it! Casa Gangotena is, as one happy customer put it, “Ritz-Carlton-style service with

In a city of views, many hotels vie for the title of ‘best location with the best view of the city’. The Hilton Colón is definitely amid the contenders. The hotel occupies a privileged location at the

To call it a microbrewery “boom” is almost a mild way to describe what has occurred in the past couple of years in Quito. Not only do we have hundreds of new craft beer brands, but countless