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Throughout these rolling hills and mountains tucked behind the Illinizas, communities are hard at work, tilling, sewing, harvesting, processing, selling. Their fertile lands might one day become as famous, for their beauty and for their products, as

There is a town in the province of Cotopaxi where shopping centers have actually gone out of fashion — or were never actually in fashion — where clothing is not displayed in storefront windows or on mannequins,

When I think of Latacunga’s signature dish, the chugchucara, I must confess that I fall prey to a syndrome that we’ve all experienced when we desire something intensely: my mind is transported. I travel to what “chugchucara

How should we best visit majestic Cotopaxi? What is the best way to approach this mythical mountain, the true crown of the Ecuadorian Andes, with the respect a mere mortal could owe Him? Of course, no one

Fanesca is that Good Friday all-in-one potage that drives any good Quiteño crazy… mainly because he has to wait an entire year to have it again! Some actually say the best fanesca can only be concocted by

“Imbabura is a very healing region. There’s something special here. And the people have great gifts for healing.” With this sentiment as her guiding star, María Teresa Ponce sought out the perfect place to start a business

"Ecuador is a real paradise for any chef. The variety of products, the ease of obtaining them, the local farmers who care for their vegetable gardens as if they were puppies

On the crispiest of focaccias, La Mecha sprinkles fresh ingredients and her savoir-faire. It's a simple récipe. But the secret is that it’s excellent. A wood-oven