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Ñan is a bilingual travel magazine about Ecuador. It is produced by passionate travellers for passionate travellers: Ecuadorians, expats living in Ecuador and visitors. Look out for issues in supermarkets and bookshops across the country, download our digital editions and follow us on social media.
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Ñan 29 | Quito in a Nutshell

Quito possesses that special fortune of being able to offer everything that has made it so special since the Spanish founded it upon the ruins of Inca and pre-Inca society in the 16th century. That is why 40 years ago, UNESCO proclaimed it a World Heritage Site, and although other cities in the world are proud to also have a Historical Center endorsed by UNESCO, there are really very few like Quito. This isn’t just a boast because it happens to be our beloved city… we are merely sticking to the simple fact that Quito was actually the first “Historic Center” to be placed on the world pedestal. And beyond its important history, its churches and squares, we invite you also to explore the life that makes Quito so unique, its Colonial and modern art, its night life, its nature and adventure…

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