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The Galapagos, the Coast, the Andes, the Amazon… and everything in-between: few countries can pack Ecuador’s natural and cultural punch.


Can you fit it all in?

Few countries are as small and diverse as Ecuador. Travel with us from the volcanic world of the Galapagos Islands, along the shores of the Pacific, up to the snows of the Andes, and back down again to the forests of the Amazon. For those seeking adventure, we bring you white-water rafting, mountain climbing and cross-country biking. For something more relaxed, horseback rides among remote villages, bird-watching in cloud-forests, hiking the highlands and trekking rain-forest trails. And for the ever-curious, colonial churches and towns, traditional fiestas, unique wildlife, inspiring cuisine, talented craftspeople and artisans, and lap-of-luxury country haciendas. We’ve been there, done that, and yes, wrote the magazine!

Ñan Magazine - Ecuador

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