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In Galápagos you can witness fabulous, incomparable, unforgettable, natural events: the hatching of an egg, the affections of a couple, the feeding of a young bird, a deadly fight between brothers, as well as the always bizarre courtship dances and offerings. Birds land centimeters

Out of the urban areas, in the fields, mountains, moors, markets, roads and country homes, indigenous Chimborazans seem different. Clothing is more colorful, life style more deep-rooted, demeanors friendlier, visitors will be stroke with idea that this reality is utterly unique. This is how we,

Many a poet has chosen the metaphor of the Andes, the famous Avenue of the Volcanoes, as Ecuador‘s spinal chord. Others call it the country‘s “Dragon Back“… but over the spiky landscape, Man sculpted yet another metaphor to define it not as a territory, nor