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Across the globe, countries have their trademark celebrations that attract not just international attention, but showcase the nation’s culture and heritage. In the South American region, Ecuador’s carnival is a true exhibition of how people value their heritage, express their distinctiveness, and celebrate life to

Let’s lay this down from the start: where can you find one of Ecuador’s finest restaurants, one worthy of being included in the list of 50 best culinary experiences in Latin America? In Saraguro. Yes, the small, tiny Saraguro of southern highlands fame. And we

Glorita of Quito’s Central Market, or Florcita of Ambato’s Market, do not need to follow a recipe, nor do they have a timer that tells them when their dish is ready, when to flip the fish or llapingacho. They don’t own scales to weigh their

One of the most special experiences of enjoying food in Ecuador is to discover a completely unique cuisine, the result of an unprecedented blending of cultures that stretches back to before the arrival of the Spanish and continues today. Experiencing this legacy of invention is

The years don’t really pass here along the Ecuadorian coast, they linger. Ecuadorian Pacific Time is really a breeze. When wandering this very coastline in the nineties, taking constant road trips with my girl, staying at friends with houses by the beach, boarding buses without

Quito to Mindo? Walking? Is that even possible? It is. It’s, in fact, one of Ecuador’s most emblematic trekking routes. The path follows the way of the River Cinto, with its flowing lulls and murmurs included, from Mount Pichincha into a land of green, full

The wall that divides Otavalo’s two cemeteries — the mestizo on one side and the indigenous on the other — rises like a magic mirror between parallel universes. On one hand lies a world of respect, silence and solemnity, as small groups of mourners dressed

Parque Calderon, Cuenca’s centerpiece, is a very large square with very large trees —including the eight Chilean Araucarias that cup the central statue honoring Abdón Calderón, a 16 year-old independence war hero from Cuenca whose final heroic feat was allegedly hoisting the victorious flag of

As we pass Machachi, before entering the Cotopaxi National Park, we lose contact with the urban world. Without a mobile signal or internet, it’s now the winds, the wild horses and the great imposing snow-peak that crowns the Andes mountain range that accompany us on