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Throughout these rolling hills and mountains tucked behind the Illinizas, communities are hard at work, tilling, sewing, harvesting, processing, selling. Their fertile lands might one day become as famous, for their beauty and for their products, as the Loire or Napa valleys of the developed

Good Friday commemorates Jesus’ Road to Calvary, his scourging, his sentincing, his crucifixion and his passing: the so-called Way or Path of the Cross (Via Crucis), and its fourteen stations. While the entire week is an allegory of Life’s triumph over Death (Jesus is, eventually,

Dr. Isidro Moreno Navarro, Professor of the University of Seville, known for his studies on Easter, says that “religion, as understood by the orthodox Roman Catholic Church, is only one dimension of this holiday; a dimension that forgets other dimensions, such as the theme of

It’s 11:30 am on Friday, June 25th, and at the Chachalo family house conversation flows. Yolanda, María, Marina, Edison Chávez - a cousin - and a friend, a kid from Quito with the typical city rocker look, are stretching their arms over the fire that