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Cafetería Fabiolita


Located on the Plaza Grande, at the foot of the Cathedral, Cafetería Fabiolita is the perfect place to take in the beautiful surroundings while people-watching the dynamic life of the most popular square in Quito. This intimate café has been running since 1965 and has not lost its exquisite taste and unique touch. The highlight? Fabiolita Flores’ classic pernil sandwich and seco de chivo (lamb stew). The recipes have been kept in the family for three generations, with her daughter Mónica and her family now in charge of the premises and the kitchen. Loyal customers return religiously for the delicious food, while those who haven’t visited yet should make a bee-line through the statues, fountains and tourists to this copper-bottomed favorite.

Cafetería Fabiolita
Espejo Oe4-17 and Venezuela
+ (593 2) 228 4268
Facebook: /Cafetería Fabiolita
TripAdvisor: Cafetería Fabiolita

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