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What else do we do?

Ñan was founded to use the storytelling capabilities of a highly-talented and experienced team to create Ecuador’s foremost travel magazine. Today, we also help brands create and distribute best-in-class content.

Ñan Communication

Our work combines product and brand knowledge plus creativity with the ethics and commitment to quality that is core to the Ñan brand.


Ñan Communication currently helps several brands with their communications and content needs, calling upon the team’s combined editorial, photographic, digital and design talents.


The Ñan Image Bank has grown to become the most important resource for travel and culture images in Ecuador, comprising tens of thousands of images from every corner of the country. If you would like to reproduce any images, or require the services of our photographic team for a specific project, get in touch.

Ñan Magazine - Ñan Communication

Below you will be able to learn more about the products that we have developed for our clients to date.

Ñan Magazine - Mapa Casa Gangotena

Project: Interactive Map
Client: Casa Gangotena
Description: Interactive map (and printed triptych) plus 5 new videos.

Ñan Magazine - Tríptico Mashpi Lodge

Project: Triptych
Client: Mashpi Lodge
Description: Triptych for Mashpi Lodge with original illustration by Paul Greenfield.

Ñan Magazine - Mapa Tren Ecuador

Project: Tren Crucero Map
Client: Tren Ecuador
Description: Map for the Tren Crucero with original illustration by Paul Greenfield.

Ñan Magazine - Guía Oficial de Quito

Project: Guidebook
Client: Quito Turismo
Description: New official guidebook for the city of Quito.

Ñan Magazine - Mapa Quito

Project: Quito City Map
Client: Quito Turismo
Description: New city map for Quito.

Ñan Magazine - Video Hotel del Parque

Project: Video Production
Client: Hotel del Parque
Description: Scripting and voice-over for Hotel del Parque video.

Ñan Magazine - Web Hotel del Parque

Project: Website
Client: Hotel del Parque
Description: Architecture and texts for Hotel del Parque website.

Ñan Magazine - Comunicación My SachaJi

Project: Communication Strategy
Client: My Sacha Ji
Description: Communication work for My Sacha Ji.

Ñan Magazine - Video IRD

Project: Video Production
Event: Habitat III
Description: Videos produced for the UN Habitat III conference and Ñan #22, in conjunction with the French IRD.

Ñan Magazine - Metropolitan Touring

Project: Video Production
Client: Metropolitan Touring
Description: Presentation video for Metropolitan Touring, for Virtuoso Travel Week, Las Vegas, 2016.

Ñan Magazine - Web Hotel del Parque

Proyecto: Sitio Web
Cliente: Hotel del Parque
Descripción: Estructura y textos de la página web de Hotel del Parque.

Ñan Magazine - Comunicación My SachaJi

Proyecto: Estrategia de comunicación
Cliente: My Sacha Ji
Descripción: Trabajo de comunicación para My Sacha Ji.