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I came across my first issue of Ñan by accident when I first arrived in Ecuador in December. I was instantly hooked. As a magazine editor and freelance travel journalist from the US I was immediately impressed with the layout and photography of the magazine. Deeper than that, the travel content published in Ñan is authoritative, credible, thoroughly reported and tightly written. I appreciate the writers’ and editors’ obvious love of Ecuador and their deep well of knowledge about the country.


I have since collected nearly every issue of Ñan and I cherish them because each issue is a valuable research tool as I plan my own reporting in Ecuador. I’m excited by what I read in Ñan and more importantly I believe it.


If travellers in the US and Canada could read issues of Ñan I believe the magazine would also be a powerful motivational tool and a great way to make the range and diversity of tourism options in Ecuador clear and compelling to an in-bound travel markket that is undereducated about Ecuador.

– Karen Catchpole, freelance journalist and co-creator of the Trans-Americas Journey project and travel blog. Contibutor to:

Travel + Leisure | Nat Geo Traveler | Fodor's | The Dallas Morning News

I excitedly received a copy of Ñan Magazine dedicated to my dear Cuenca. The images, the writing, but mainly its form and the magazine’s purpose to discover the city and its routes has resulted in a lovely presentation that reaches deep into our city, indeed, “straight to the heart”.


As a Cuencana and a councilwoman, I confirm my appreciation of such beautiful work, which undoubtedly contributes to the management of tourism promotion of our city but is also a guide for us locals to, once again, marvel at the colors, aromas and sights with which we live and have the responsibility to take care of and continue replicating to our delight and that of our guests.

– María Cecilia Alvarado Carrión, Concejal

Ñan Magazine - Cuenca

I am a British journalist who freelances for media organizations such as BBC radio, The Independent of London, National Geographic Traveller and CNN online. I first saw Ñan magazine last year when travelling in Ecuador.


I’ve seen a lot of very poor travel magazines over the years but Ñan is a visual feast. The photography is bright and eye-catching; this very much reflects Ecuador as a country. I also liked the cultural and ecological balance. It was highly informative about two important components to Ecuadorian tourism. If the magazine was available in my country, I´d be a subscriber.

– Mark Stratton, Contributor to:

BBC | CNN.com | The Independant

As a travel writer for 30 years, I have not come across a magazine that reflects so well on its subject. The quality of the writing, photography, design and production is extremely impressive. The magazine succeeds admirably in educations readers unfamiliar with Ecuador about interesting and varied aspects of the country, which must in turn encourage them to plan intineraries around them.


Anthony Lambert has written or contributed to over ten travel books, including four Insight guides. He has written articles for over 50 newspapers and magazines, including the Daily Telegraph, Independent, Financial Times, New York Times, Orient-Express magazine and Wanderlust.

– Anthony Lambert, Contributor to:

The Daily Telegraph | Financial Times | The NY Times

Maria Delia is a subscriber. She takes Ñan maps inside her working folder across the country.


Ñan is amazing tool for guides like me. It helps us in our daily work. It informs us about new destinations and historical or cultural issues. No other maps are as beautiful, reliable and practical in the market.

– Maria Delia Cardenas, Tour guide for 40 years.

María Delia Cárdenas