Ñan Magazine
Ecuador's Travel Magazine

By travellers for travellers

Ñan is a bi-monthly, bilingual travel magazine about Ecuador. It is produced by passionate travellers for passionate travellers: Ecuadorians, expats living in Ecuador and visitors. Look out for issues in supermarkets and bookshops across the country, download our digital editions and follow us on social media. Where there’s a path, there’s a Ñan!

A bit about Ñan Magazine

Ñan is a bilingual travel magazine about Ecuador. We aim to inspire and inform a new generation of travellers about the riches of this small yet megadiverse South America country.


Every issue of Ñan focuses on just one route, region or theme, allowing us to ‘scratch the surface’ of its attractions, cultures, people, music, gastronomy, wildlife and curiosities. Over time, we are building up a fresh, insightful, unparalleled and collectable vision of the country. Every issue also comes with a pull-out and foldable map with all the information and references travelers need to take on the road and explore.


Ñan is available at all good bookshops and supermarkets in Ecuador, as well as many hotels and information centres in larger cities. It also travels to key international travel trade events.


Ñan is available on various digital platforms so that international readers can also enjoy its contents and plan their trip to Ecuador!

Ñan Magazine - Cotopaxi

The Essence of Ñan

Like fingerprints, the essence of every land lies in its paths, in the infinite number of threads that weave the cloth of something much larger and diverse. We are not (nor shall we be viewed) as a handful of locations representing a clutch of places to be seen “before you die”. That’s for the tourist of the past. We are all travelers, explorers, adventurers with a new thirst for discovering the soul of each and every destination in the places we choose to spend time, in the moments we experience, in every landscape, encounter and aroma we savor. We invite you to take this journey with us, accompanying us off Ecuador’s beaten paths.

Ñan Magazine - Noroccidente

How We Work

For every issue of the magazine, we decide on one geographical or topical focus. Once we have bashed out the editorial brief and the articles, areas, walks and extra-urban routes we want to talk about, the team sets out.


Often, our first ideas for content will change and morph as members of the team return to Quito for subsequent editorial meetings. This was the case with the routes south of Cuenca, which we never contemplated at the planning stage, but which looked so fantastic and off-the-beaten-track to us, that we decided to shift issue #7’s focus southwards (promising to return to the west in the future!).ur.


Essentially, our editorial approach is ‘to scratch the surface’ of everything we encounter. It also requires that a member of the team visit a place we are writing about first-hand. That usually means two people: one to write and the other to photograph. We are proud of the magazine’s editorial integrity in this respect – we rarely use image banks or third-party sources – it’s all first-person stuff.